The Isle of wight squash ladders

Wait!!! Is it all about the taking part? Or is it all about who won?? Whatever you’ve heard you can’t hide from the ladders! Take a peek to look where you are and see if on the next ladder challenge you can topple someone above you!!

Well done for taking part and giving it your all, good luck next time!

island junior

1Joe PannellWestridge
2Amelie HaworthWestridge
3Ciaran O’GormanWestridge
4Freddie FentumWestridge
5Carl DupreezWestridge
6Ollie BaylissWestridge
7Eddie BaylissWestridge
8Patrick MattinsonWestridge
9Sam BridgesWestridge
10Jack HamiltonWestridge
11James KnoxRyde School
12Thomas LukeRyde School
13Ben HaworthRyde School
14Isabel DomineyWestridge
15Zach FramptonWestridge
16Aryan SinghWestridge
17Theo PeckWestridge
18Anton KamenseRyde School
19Anna RoesRyde School
20Rene MattinsonWestridge
21Leo RobbaRyde School
22Harry WebbWestridge
23Cameron DarcyWestridge
24Tom GilburtWestridge
25Harry MinchinRyde School
26Freddie StottRyde School
27Rafe BallWestridge
28Ellen SummersWestridge
29Jasmine DomineyWestridge
30Evan MartinWestridge
31James HolbrookWestridge
32Aleks Giemz-PipeRyde School
33Millie HolbrookWestridge
34Will HolbrookWestridge
35Avy SesettiWestridge
36SophiaRyde School
37ImogenRyde School
38Daisy TurnerRyde School
39Mads GranbrekRyde School
40Olivia HolbrookWestridge
41Noah DorningWestridge
42Keziah MoorcroftWestridge
43Joao ChilaoWestridge
44Mark BurtonWestridge
45Finn HussonWestridge

academy junior

1Joe Pannell
2Amelie Haworth
3Ciaran O’Gorman
4Freddie Fentum
5Carl Dupreez
6Ollie Bayliss
7Eddie Bayliss
8Patrick Mattinson
9Sam Bridges
10Jack Hamilton
11Isabel Dominey
12Zach Frampton
13Aryan Singh
14Theo Peck
15Rene Mattinson
16Harry Webb
17Cameron Darcy
18Tom Gilburt
19Freddie Stott
20Rafe Ball
21Ellen Summers
22Jasmine Dominey
23Evan Martin
24James Holbrook
25Aleks Giemz-Pipe
26Millie Holbrook
27Will Holbrook
28Avy Sesetti
29Olivia Holbrook
30Noah Dorning
31Keziah Moorcroft
32Joao Chilao
33Mark Burton
34Finn Husson

ryde school junior

1Carl Dupreez
2Ollie Bayliss
3Eddie Bayliss
4James Knox
5Thomas Luke
6Ben Haworth
7Anton Kamense
8Anna Roes
9Leo Robba
10Harry Webb
11Harry Minchin
12Freddie Stott
13Rafe Ball
14Ellen Summers
15Aleks Giemz-Pipe
18Daisy Turner
19Mads Granbrek
20Finn Husson