Academy Tournament

Junior Hidden Doubles Tournament February 2020

With 28 of the Academy’s Keenest Juniors taking part in the first tournament of the year the competition was friendly but fierce. Much fun was had by all and we even saw some new Winners!

What was very special about this tournament was there were some very close matches resulting for a real tussle for the “Outstanding Match Award” and hard to pick a clear winner!

Speaking of which here were the players that were awarded a prize:


Bella Dean + Freddie Stott


Blake Cotton + Alfie Price


Rene Mattinson + Isabel Dominey

match of the tournament

Eddie Bayliss + Patrick Mattinson

Most Valued Contribution

Tom Timmons + Blake Cotton

The rules:

  • 28 people are put into 7 groups of four, split by players abilities.
  • Each of the players then play the 3 other people in their group.
  • Each match is four games long and each game is 6 minutes long so every game starts and finishes at the same time, at the blow of Adam’s whistle!
  • At the end of four games, the overall points are tallied up for each player and added to their totals from their earlier matches.
  • Once all the matches have been played across all of the groups, the scores for each player are added to another players by way of ‘names-out-of-a-hat’; randomly pairing doubles partners together, hence the name “Hidden Doubles Tournament”.

The fun of a tournament like this is, nobody knows who is going to win until the very end at prize giving when the final pairings are revealed, not even ADAM!!

It’s a great way to get to know other players, play some great squash against people of your own ability and have some fun because everyone has a chance of winning! Of course there are prizes as well for group winners but the overall title could go to anyone!!

Congratulations to all our winners and to all that took part!

We’re already looking forward to the next tournament on the Island.