Academy Tournament

Junior Team Tournament – October 2019

It’s always great to see so many faces at these events and yesterdays Team Tournament was another great turnout. This tournament is decided by a number of matches consisting of 4 games with 6 minutes in each game. It’s the player’s goal to get as many points as possible in those 6 minutes!

In the end who would’ve know that it all came down to a single point!!


The rules:

  • 24 people are put into 8 teams of 3, of mixed abilities.
  • Each team has someone from the beginner, intermediate and advanced classes.
  • The 8 teams are then separated into 3 different leagues where each team plays each other in that league 🙂

With us so far?? If not here’s how it looks on paper:

Each match within any league is four games long and each game is 6 minutes so every game starts and finishes at the same time with the blow of the whistle!

  • At the end of four games, the overall points are tallied up for each player and added to their TEAMS points totals.
  • Once all the matches have been played across all of the three leagues the final stages begin
  • The final leagues are created by adding the 3 winners into their own league, the 3 runners up into their own league, and the bottom 2 into the bottom league.
  • The same format then applies to the matches that are played to determine the overall placings!

Again the fun of this tournament is that sometimes the players with less ability can win a round for their team so even though they might not be able to beat everyone, they can in fact win more points!

It’s a really awesome way to get to know other players, learn how to mark, play some great squash against people of your own ability and have some fun because everyone has a chance of winning! Of course there are prizes as well for group winners but the overall title could go to anyone!!

As always HUGE Congratulations to all our winners and to EVERYONE that took part!